The defeatists

Once again, the defeatists in Israel are raising their heads. It is as if the main news outlets were putting themselves at the service of a conception of Israeli policy which has proven to be harmful and which, in reality, belongs to a small minority of the People of Israel. For them, we would have to give in again and again, and our sovereignty, our historical rights would be of no importance.
The fighting soldiers, the democratically elected Government and some of the media have all clearly expressed the only logical position: after last October 7 and its horrors, any solution that allows the criminal organization of Hamas to survive for any task on part of the Land of Israel, between the Jordan and the sea, would mean a political and military defeat for our country, and the imminent return of other surprise attacks.
The manipulation of the pain and the revolt of the families of those kidnapped for political purposes, which is happening more and more clearly, is despicable.

All citizens of Israel are outraged by Hamas’s attitude towards people torn from their families and want from the bottom of their hearts their release. But faced with the totally unacceptable demands of Hamas, it is clear that the firm continuation of our offensive against its armed groups and its underground centers only, can ensure this liberation.

The release of two of them this night, in a heroic operation in the heart of the city of Rafah, which has not, at this stage, been liberated by the IDF from Hamas’s grip, shows the way towards a authentic victory over Jewish hatred and evil. The kinship of Hamas, steeped in neo-Nazi ideology, with the Waffen-SS, is too obvious for those who do not voluntarily block their view.

Furthermore, there is no question that the sacrifice of the lives of so many of our young soldiers will be rendered meaningless by political capitulation maneuvers.

The general attitude of the Nations towards us on this occasion and especially the attitude of the democratic West is also very problematic and reflects a deep renewal of hatred of the Jews. We will need to carefully examine our true status in the world as the national state of the Jewish people.

Everything happens as if the manipulation of the decadent government of South Africa, the inspirator in Durban for anti-white and anti-Jewish racialist rallies, the filing of a complaint against Israel at the ICJ on the grounds of « genocide » on the occasion of the responding in self-defense after a genocidal attack of unspeakable savagery, against our territory, had become the pretext for an inversion of History and the most sacred values ​​of Humanity.

Indeed, 80 years after the Shoah, the selective mass massacre of the Jews of Europe continues to haunt Western consciousness after the collusion or indifference of the peoples of Europe to this moral catastrophe, apart from a few Righteous people.

This is why the collective unconscious of the West believes it finds in the iniquitous reaction of the ICJ, which should have rejected the South African ruse with contempt, from the outset, « in limine litis », a phantasmal means of liberating itself, by falsely accusing the victim of being the guilty aggressor. All the victims in Gaza are the fault of Hamas.

So much of the Western media is displaying such suspicious enthusiasm for the decision of the International Court of Justice, an institution that has become politicized under the control of undemocratic countries, that it is all a white thread.

However, we must also note the positive elements that are revealed on this occasion.

To begin with, the main organizations of American liberal Judaism which, in recent years, had distanced themselves from the State of Israel, have demonstrated an important shift since October 7 by returning to active solidarity with the Jewish state, suggesting a significant return to the fold of the People of Israel.

On the other hand, the organization in the Cour des Invalides, symbolic place of the degradation of Alfred Dreyfus, by French President Macron of an imposing military ceremony in memory of the Franco-Israelis assassinated on October 7, four months later, has, in the eyes of many Europeans, both a moral and political aspect which is not without importance.

The appearance of unanimity against our people must not obscure our perspectives or our confidence in the destiny of Israel. Forces of righteousness and true morality lie dormant in the world and lurk in the shadows. They only expect us to be united and strong.

Leon Rozenbaum


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