The new outbreak of internal opposition to the legally and democratically designated Prime Minister, Mr. Netanyahu, in the midst of an open war against the State of Israel, by Hamas which controlled Gaza, by Hezbollah which controls Lebanon, by the Houthis who control Yemen, by armed Shiite militias in Syria and Iraq, all financed, armed and coordinated by the Iran of the Ayatollahs, and in the middle of the anti-Jewish media war in Europe and the USA, has something surreal.
After the horrors of the surprise attack launched by Hamas against several hundred Israeli civilians on October 7, in a few hours, the murders, the rapes, the harassment of the corpses of the victims, the massive and violent kidnappings of hostages that often purely and simply disappeared, this is strangely only the fate of the collateral victims of Israel’s legitimate counter-attack, the number of which is so minimal if we compare it to that resulting from the NATO operation in Mosul, which captures the concern of the media and politicians on the international scene.

The summit of manipulation is the partial acceptance of the International Court of Justice to open a proceeding initiated by depraved and racialist South Africa, as evidenced by the neo-Nazi rallies in Durban, on the grounds that the measured response of Israel would have anything in common with “genocide.”

Across the world, major protests continue, echoing the truly genocidal slogans of Hamas promoting a “Palestine from the river to the sea” which would mean the annihilation of the sovereign Jewish state re-established in its historic homeland, 75 years ago, which Hamas and a few others do not hide from calling for.

Everything happens as if the unhealthy ambiguities of Christian and Muslim civilizations with regard to the Jewish People, who persist in wanting to exist and prosper, while each of them does not resist the age-old temptation to assign to them, in their systems, an afflictive and fallen role, had reached a sort of paroxysm.

This “audacity” of Israel’s will to live, which moreover no longer has to prove its contribution to the progress of human civilization, should be the rallying point of all democrats, of all humans loving justice and all men of good will in the world.

This is because in its long history of nearly 4000 years, the People of Israel is the bearer of a moral project on the scale of humanity. He agreed, with the Hebrew Bible, to take morality as its true constitution. Its “universalism” based on adherence to absolute monotheism and cooperation between G. and Man, is the opposite of imperialism. For him, there is room in the world for the unique genius of each nation which is entitled to the respect of all.

Even if the People of Israel largely reunified in the ordeal with the clear objective of a victory over the enemies hell-bent on its destruction, a restless minority and above all with opaque foreign financing, has broken away at this point of the founding values ​​of Israel, that it has largely adopted the point of view of the enemy and lost all sense of the interest of the Nation. It shamelessly diverts the distress of the families of those detained in Hamas’s underground jails, in an attempt to justify its manifest desire for subversion.

It seems that we have never seen a democracy authorize, in time of war, when, moreover, the very principle of the sovereignty of the people is called into question, such deployments of political virulence which seem to belong to other times and other worlds. A hard-to-believe reality that only a people who love freedom deep within themselves can conceive.

However, we will have to return to standards of behavior commensurate with the seriousness of our situation to rebuild a flourishing common future.

Leon Rozenbaum


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