The Corona’s Plague

The Corona’s plague sets in and begins to undermine our most ingrained certainties.
Our confidence in « progress » first. Modern medicine has worked so many miracles for decades that the surprise at the scale of this pandemic leaves us stunned. And even more the lack of predictable solutions: no vaccine, no truly effective and verified treatment.

Our belief in scientific effectiveness then, given our inability to determine the exact effects of this virus: it was initially believed that only people over the age of sixty were threatened, but it now turns out that young, healthy people and even children have died from this condition. Moreover, its mode of propagation remains mysterious: can it or can it not survive hours in nebulized drops and thus circulate and inoculate, invisible, without human carrier present?

Supranational and international solidarity is also largely overrated in the event. The shortage of masks, sticks and reagents needed for controls highlights a widespread « save-who-can » and a « everyone-for-self » of national states. The European construction so proud from Brussels, from the top of its directives, appears well for what it is, as a bureaucratic apparatus with immense resources, but incapable of anything other than insane dreams of power.

The credibility of the official discourse, everywhere, is being undermined. Did the Chinese Government deliberately ignore the first warnings of a doctor in Wou-Han? Is it a virus born in a natural process or is it a leak from a research institute that may well be specialized in bacteriological warfare? Is widespread containment in the world today the most appropriate solution, at a time when the global economy is collapsing and unemployment is spreading in the image of the virus? Government patterns of exiting the crisis are vague and contradictory.

Social networks, born of the technology of the last thirty years, become the support of the most delusional obsessions, but above all, coincidentally, revive the secular anti-Semitism of medieval plagues. The relative success of the State of Israel in limiting fatal cases so far, compared to countries with comparable populations in numbers, further feeds these mental disorders.

A few hours before the beginning of the festival commemorating the exit of Egypt, home of slavery, the heirs of the Hebrews are asked to question the meaning of the events they are going through. Is the technical Western civilization that has spread to the entire planet the ‘Mitsraïm’, the modern ‘Egypt’, a place of tightening and suffocation? And could this global plague not be a way of warning, of summoning to have to treat the world and men in another way?

The hordes of monkeys in southeast Asian cities in the squares deserted by men, the wild boars seen in the empty streets of Paris, come to remind us of the modesty in the face of our sense of world domination.

The Jews have the resource and the chance to be the continuation of a historical project for humanity, to bring about a world of morality. Faced with an unprecedented upheaval, this project serves as their guide and support. In Israel, by chance, several studies on Corona undertaken unrelated to the current eruption, could quickly lead to a vaccine or treatment or both. Make heaven that other nations join these processes, without giving in to perverted globalist ideologies.

Léon Rozenbaum

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