The real problem: the moral disintegration of the West

It has been months since the terrorist organization Hamas announced Urbi and Orbi its intention to organize a vast provocation by inciting, often by force, tens of thousands of people to attempt incursions into Israeli territory, to deposit explosive mines and to kill as many Jews as possible. 
The sovereign State of Israel, for its part, has long announced by all means that it will not accept any violation of its sovereignty.
Hamas has been in absolute control of the Gaza region for the past ten years, spreading an ideology of anti-Semitic hatred, from kindergarten to university, radio, television, mosque, In the youth and on the streets, the spirits of an entire population are poisoned systematically to make them believe that the destruction of Israel and the slaughter of its inhabitants is within reach.

Moreover, the economic mismanagement of Hamas is such that the enormous subsidies sent by the Arab countries and the Europeans are misguided in the purchase of weapons, the construction of costly assault tunnels, and the complete system of water supply. built by Israel destroyed to make rockets sent on Israeli civilians, so that this population lacks drinking water and electricity!

When hundreds of young fanatics rush to the barrier marking the border with Israel, and some are shot after summons, the only ones to blame are the Hamas criminals.

Why is Hamas taking the risk of unnecessarily sending young people to death? Because he bet on the automatic complicity of many Westerners with his maneuvers.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the European Union, Frederica Mogherini, for example, has once again demonstrated a sweet duplicity, declaring on this occasion that « freedom of expression and freedom of assembly are fundamental rights that must be respected. The EU regrets the loss of human lives. Our thoughts are with the families of the victims. The use of live ammunition in particular should be the subject of an independent and transparent investigation. While Israel has the right to protect its borders, the use of force must always be proportionate.  »

It takes a lot of bad faith from an EU leader who has all the means to be genuinely informed about the manipulation of Hamas to dare to describe the assaults on the border of « freedom of expression and in an attempt to undermine the sovereign rights of Israel to protect its citizens, by military force when necessary and as usual when Jews use this force legitimately, that it would always be « Disproportionate ».

Since the so-called « Euro-Arab Dialogue » following the oil blackmail of 1973, the European institutions have taken the perverse habit of genuflecting in the face of Arab threats to the point that it has become second nature. But for a long time Israel’s cowardice and slander are no longer enough. The great bodies of Europe accept the colonization of European territory by Islam and renounce insidiously to defend the great democratic principles or do not hesitate to mislead them when it is necessary to oppose them to the Arabs or to Islam. This is indeed a moral disintegration of the West damaging for all.



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