Why my future is here An answer to Gershon Baskin

Gershon Baskin sees himself as a professional of peace. Otherwise we would not have seen for years his papers published in The « Jerusalem Post » under the subtitle: « Encountering Peace ». But his last article published on May 16, 2019, and written in Kigali, Ruanda, sounds more as a call to civil war in Israel than anything else.
If it is legitimate for him to praise the peaceful reconstruction of Ruanda after the genocide against the Tutsis which took place 25 years ago, his enthusiasm for the interdiction to use the term « tribe » there, is much less acceptable. And above all, the comparison with the situation in Israel, is a pure scandal.

A certain Israeli left continues to believe it possesses a « particular identity » which would confer to this political family an evident superiority to determine the true substance of democracy.

They cannot even understand why, since the Oslo agreements catastrophe, the people of Israel rejects regularly this political current from a Government position and is not ready anymore to believe the lies of the « New Middle-East » which lead to thousands of Jewish victims.

Moreover, the tremendous violations of Law and democratic principles and practice which accompanied the Oslo Agreements (a Putsch by unqualified persons who negotiated with terrorists and were manipulated by them, the systematic brainwashing by the Media at those times, the bribing of venal opposition MP’s with Ministers posts and luxury cars, the unprecedented stuffing mouths of any opposition, the deliberate governmental provocateurs sent into opposition circles,  etc..), all this, has never been considered by the left as a major fault which should have brought them to reconsider, at least a little, their positions. This is a true sickly superiority complex.

Baskin and this minority political current feel themselves in possession of the truth, the democracy, the sense of Law, the meaning of History. And they are not. At least, it is permitted to think so.

 Under the San Remo and Sèvres treaties after W.W. one, the Jewish People has been recognized  under International Law as the legitimate owner of Eretz-Israel called by the Nations « Palestine », including the auto determination right, and this on both banks of the Jordan River. Since, no other consensual act or agreement, but the Jordan-Israel peace treaty, happened to modify this principle. The legal meaning of this fact is that there are no « occupied territory » and no « Palestinian Territories ». This is a pure invention first of the KGB in 1964 which has been adopted by too many Westerners including the Israeli Left for clear anti-Semitic reasons.

The attempt to dramatize any move of Netanyahu as « a curse to democracy » is so exaggerated, that it is laughable. Even if the famous « French Law » regarding the temporary immunity protecting the first Executive person should be adopted, which is not yet proved, my opinion as Lawyer who studied in Paris France, is that such disposition does not hurt democracy but on the contrary, contributes to the stability of democracy.

The conception of democracy is not identical even in very rooted democratic countries. Maybe M. Baskin shall leave Israel because Israel is too Jewish to his eyes. He cannot pretend in good faith that Israel is not democratic. My future is here because Israel is both Jewish and democratic.

Leon Rozenbaum

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