The unhealthy insistence of Westerners and Arabs in wanting to prevent the State of Israel from putting an end to the terrorist capabilities of Hamas has something paradoxical.
It has been several weeks since the IDF offensive against the last divisions of Hamas was blocked by the enormous pressure exerted on the Government of Israel by the USA as well as by the Europeans and the Arab Governments at peace with Israel, not to mention the Russians or China.
There is a strange contradiction between the fact that both the Americans and the Europeans have recognized, declared and made official the fact that Hamas is a terrorist organization that the inhumane attack of October 7, 2023 on the Israeli civilian population, and among other things, the massive taking of hostages of men, women and children, confirmed beyond all possible doubt, on the one hand, and the concern to prevent, at all costs, its dismantling by Israel, on the other hand.
For the Egyptians, for example, they position themselves as enemies of the “Muslim brothers” who inspired Hamas, and yet come to the aid of the latter. Since three days (May 10, 2024), the government of Israel has finally decided to ignore all these pressures, including that resulting from US President Biden’s decision to prevent the delivery of certain weapons to the Israeli Defense Forces.
It is in fact absolutely obvious that maintaining essential Hamas units in combat order would allow this organization to renew its intolerable control over Gaza, to quickly reconstitute new units and to very quickly prepare a new assault against Israel.

The concern expressed for the civilian population of Gaza, while the Israeli Army takes ten times more precautions to spare non-combatants than any other army in the world, which is attested by all the world’s specialists on the issue, is particularly suspicious. As is the scandalous qualification of “genocide” launched against the self-defense of the Jewish State.

Jews familiar with the concepts of Jewish historiosophy have long noted the connivance, reported by the Bible, between Esav (Esau) and Ishmael representatives respectively of the West of Christian civilization and Islamic civilization, in their opposition to Yaakov-Israel (Jacob-Israel), understood as the whole of Jewish civilization. These civilizational archetypes are incarnated at specific times in the historical events, and then this complicity comes to light.

What is perhaps most striking today is the blind embrace of all Hamas manipulations of information by Western media outlets. All manipulative Hamas communiqués are retransmitted without discussion by the latter, while Israeli communiqués, duly verified, are always presented as subject to caution.

However, the Arab East has always been a master of “Takia” or ruse, dissimulation, manipulation. Based on certain Quranic teachings, this is considered perfectly “moral”.

In this war following the savage aggression of October 7, the “Takia” reached unprecedented heights. For the press and the rulers of the West who call themselves heirs of the « enlightenment » to allow themselves to be manipulated so crudely, they must have reached a moral depravity of extreme gravity, constituting even a fact of civilization, when it comes to the Jews.

It should come as no surprise that large numbers of Israelis and Jews around the world are waking up from their dreams of “normalcy.” After 76 years of renewal of Jewish sovereignty in its historic homeland, after the great development of the State of Israel, its significant contribution to the improvement of human civilization, in agricultural, medical, IT and Others, many of them believed that a new era had dawned for the Jews. They believed that despite a heavy historical toll, the return to Hebrew identity had allowed the real acceptance of Jews in the concert of Nations, equal to others.

Clearly, this is not the case. For more than a hundred years, Public International Law, through the Declaration of San Remo placed under the auspices of the League of Nations, has recognized the historic rights of the People of Israel, holders of legitimate rights in the Land of Israel, on both banks of the Jordan in its capacity as an indigenous people.

A whole series of maneuvers and illegal hostile acts both by the British, such as the creation of Jordan – populated today by 80% Arab Palestinians – on 4/5 of the territory allocated to the Jews, and by neighboring Arab states, finally led in 1948 to the restitution to the Jewish People, after heroic self-defense, of only a shred of indefensible territory. It was only during the aggression of the Arab armies in 1967 that Israel was able to liberate a territory which remains very modest between the Jordan River and the sea. This is the logical minimum to hope to be able to face surprise attacks.

Despite everything, Israel attempted to gradually build peaceful relations with the Palestinian Arabs, among others, by allowing in 2005 completely independent management of the Gaza region, with direct access to Egypt, after evacuation of all Jews. (more than ten thousand people) who resided there legally.

Hamas having taken control of the area in 2007, it established an over-armed outpost there, full of assault tunnels and bunkers, rocket launchers of all calibers in hospitals, schools and places of worship serving as human shields.

Clearly stating his intention to destroy Israel, he regularly engages in attacks against Israeli civilians, affecting cities near and far such as Netanya, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.

Everything happens as if the West revealed itself in this ambiguous attitude. As if he gave a blank check to the worst extremists who attack Israel, Hamas in the southwest, Lebanon in the north, the Syrian and Iraqi Shiite militias and Iran in the east and the Yemeni Houthis attacking Eilat in the south, from Bab-el-Mandeb, to put an end to him. These daily bombings do not even have the honor of the Western press. That says a lot.

The veil of silence on the major Iranian attack with bomb-carrying cruise missiles and drones and its miraculous 99% stopping by the Israeli defense, certain signs of the eschatological intentions of the Ayatollahs is even more explicit.

Everyone would do well to remember that the State of Israel is also a space power with clear nuclear capabilities. The Jewish People have learned, in their ancient and recent history, to take seriously the threats of total destruction from their enemies. And he swore “never again.”

Leon Rozenbaum


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