Does the West ultimately want us dead?

The events underway since October 7 are the occasion for an unprecedented revelation of the way in which the Western world manages its relationships and expresses its intentions and its temptations with regard to the Jewish People and especially the Jewish sovereign State.
A careful examination of the reactions of leaders, of the press, of a large part of Western intellectuals and politicians, cannot lead questioning Jews, who have their eyes open, and a minimum of traditional Jewish knowledge, to any other conclusion than to highlight the will, often unconscious, of the civilization which was built on the Christian idea, even if it is has today largely lost faith, to put an end to the People of Israel or at least, to bring the Jewish People back to the status of a fallen rag, in pieces, a living dead, where she had known how to confine him for nineteen centuries.
Of course, Israel has other enemies. To begin with those in Islam who are absolutely obsessed with destroying us here and now. This archetype is well known in our history and our Tradition and bears the name of “Amalek”.

However, we must be attentive to the fact that it does not represent the entire Islamic world, of which important sectors, which the Bible calls « Ishmael », have begun to get used to the idea that if we are really Israel, their own tradition commits them to recognizing our rights over the small country of Israel.

This is because the West has not finished playing with the centuries-old idea that it is the “verus Israel”, the “real” Israel. What is at stake here is nothing less than a competition. The challenge is to know, in the final analysis, which civilizational approach to man ensures the greatest proximity to the Creator of heaven and earth, to morality, to be able to legitimately bear this mysterious name: “Israel”. Who is more moral? Who is more universalist?

The universalism of the Hebrew Tradition is based on its adherence to absolute monotheism and cooperation between G. and Man. It is the opposite of imperialism. For him, there is room in the world for the unique genius of each nation which has the right to respect from all: recognizing the unique G. does not mean any obligation to adhere to the Jewish faith or to the Nation of Israel. The only minimal common morality is that of the Noahide laws.

Christianity like Islam has not escaped this trap: their “universalism” is imperialism. What they each claim is that to be universal, you must share my values, conform absolutely to my model. From Israel’s point of view, this is a false universalism. As their door is wide open, they have each become immense empires to the point of believing them to be “universal”!

However, this drama of knowing who possesses the true definition of the Universal is replayed at every important historical crossroad.

Just like these Jews who founded Christianity, the companions of Jesus, and especially a few generations later, Saul of Tarsus, known as “Saint-Paul”, rejected the yoke of the “Mitzvot” of the biblical commandments, individual and collective, in exchange for the power that numbers give through easier adherence to less restrictive moral behavior, the current executives of the Western world, by means of an elementary and moreover perverted « woke » pseudo morality, based on globalization called ecological “to save the planet”, the contempt for Nations and their sovereignty, a repentant racialism against “whites”, position themselves as true holders of morality.

However, Western civilization is the one which in historical times has reached the greatest expansion on the planet and the savage attack by Hamas against the State of Israel, the massacre of several hundred innocent Israelis and the kidnapping vile treatment of Jewish men, women and children held incommunicado for six months in the underground jails of Gaza, all constituting war crimes, aroused only very brief compassion within it.

On the contrary, Israel’s legitimate response, totally in accordance with international humanitarian law, generates the outbreak of hatred of the Jews of homicidal fury, fueled by immeasurable lies, of a global scale, still unknown, even at the time of the massacre of European Jews. Wars, deaths, wounded, in various conflicts in the world, including involving the Arab world, incomparably greater in number than those drawn into Gaza by Israel’s self-defense, have not resulted in the hundredth condemnations, vociferations, selective indignation and threats unleashed in the West against the Jews for six months.

It is no secret that the team of politicians surrounding the current President of the USA, Mr. Biden, is largely inspired by Obama’s “Woke” ideology. Biden’s waltz-hesitation in the drama of October 7 and its aftermath, first coming to Jerusalem to express his emotion in the face of the savagery, then showing an impatience that became angry, then explicit threats in the face of the determination of our army to apply the instructions of our democratic Government to destroy Hamas’ military power and its ability to govern, while limiting to the maximum extent the casualties of non-fighters,  is a good illustration of these ambiguities. But if we observe most European governments, those of South America, their press, their intellectuals, we understand that almost the entire West has, in this matter, gone mad.

Wanting at all costs to force us to leave Hamas with a residual military force which would allow it to regain control of Gaza and prepare new attacks against Israel, while it still holds more than 130 Israelis torn from their families, forcing us to removing hundreds of duly convicted terrorist assassins from their prisons and allowing them to reorganize new crimes, all of which is enough to raise serious questions about Western intentions.

In the end, one thing leading to another, we can legitimately think that the West is comfortable knowing that we only occupy a tiny part of the territory that international law recognized to us in San Remo in 1923 in the framework of the League of Nations, which gradually through the duplicity of Great Britain and the wars of the Arab world against our independence, became an indefensible pitfall, always at the mercy of a surprise attack.

The fact that we have developed this piece of land into a modern and flourishing State bringing together the majority of the Jewish People and contributing to the progress of human civilization changes nothing. Our economic, scientific, medical, literary, academic successes, the intense biblical and Talmudic research, the rediscovery of our brilliant past in our soil, all of this should only survive under the potential threat of destruction. Let no one be surprised that we no longer accept this.

Leon Rozenbaum



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