The perversions of “humanitarianism” and the inversion of law

The complaint for “genocide” by the Union of South Africa against Israel before the International Court of Justice is more than a scandal.
This act constitutes the absolute opposite of the reasons which led its inspiration and main drafter, Raphaël Lemkin, a Jewish American jurist, to develop in 1948 the convention for the prevention and repression of the crime of genocide.
This complaint, immediately accepted by this court, under suspicious conditions, is a sign of a moral bankruptcy of current international institutions, like a confusion of values in a growing part of humanity, as a result of the rise of Islam in the West. Indeed, the abuse of rights is obvious.
The legitimate Israeli response after the Hamas aggression of October 7 and the inhuman massacre and collective atrocities, committed by overarmed terrorist troops, in a few hours, on more than 1,200 peaceful Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel, and years of sporadic missile bombardments on Israeli civilians, sees itself immediately distorted, defamed, and disguised with guilty bad faith, to express, in the final analysis, only a return in force of a tenacious hatred of the Jews.
This no longer even hides, very often, as during the rallies held precisely in Durban in the South African Union, its Nazi inspiration.

It is hardly surprising that the organizers in Durban of anti-Jewish, anti-white and anti-democracy hate festivals believe themselves authorized to undertake such a gross inversion of moral and legal values, by wrapping themselves abusively in the supposed prestige of humanitarian and past anti-racists of Mandela.

What, on the other hand, should cause astonishment is the complicity of European states and institutions, supposedly attached to the principles of freedom, the fight against discrimination and democracy, with this major manipulation of the principles most generous legal frameworks. The perversions of certain organizations which have made “humanitarianism” their business also contribute to a loss of elementary moral sense.

Everyone knows that the convention against genocide came in 1948 to fill a legal void after the Shoah, the massacre of European Jews by the Nazis and their collaborators, between 1939 and 1945. Too many States and international organizations, like the Red Cross, in fact, had demonstrated a guilty indifference to this systematic and selective killing attempting to eradicate the Jewish People.

However, both the Iran of the Ayatollahs and the terrorist organization of Hamas propose in an avowed and public manner, in their charters and their declarations, strictly the same objective of annihilation of the Jewish People and their sovereign State re-established in the Historic Homeland. of this people more than 75 years ago.

The State of Israel has no choice but to exercise its right and duty to protect its citizens and Jews around the world by permanently destroying the military capabilities and command structures of the Hamas and Hamas organizations. Hezbollah mandated, supported and financed by the retrograde regime of the Ayatollahs.

The ignominy of October 7 has legitimately convinced anyone of good faith that this action by Israel is in line with the Resistance to the Nazis in which so many Jewish fighters participated.

The eager acceptance of the ICJ Secretariat to register the pseudo complaint of the Union of South Africa, which is a neo-Nazi manipulation, highlights the degradation of moral conscience and respect for the law underway in the West under the the influence of extremist Islam, organized and yet resistible.

Leon Rozenbaum

Lawyer in Jerusalem


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