Amnesty: The Goebbels Method

The similarity between Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda films based on a revolutionary mastery of audio-visual from the thirties of the previous century and Amnesty’s current global campaign claiming to accuse the State of Israel of « apartheid » because of its very existence is absolutely striking.
This new campaign consists of a series of montages, pretenses, sophistries, deceptions by omission in each chapter, which mixes with a perverse art very little truth with a lot of lies. The goal is very clearly the will to harm.
Apartheid was the hateful racist system established in South Africa, until about a quarter of a century ago, from systematic discrimination between whites and blacks to the tiniest details of everyday life: separate entrances to shops, separate hospitals, separate transport etc., blacks were dramatically deprived of their basic rights.
Amnesty has chosen to invent, by manipulating reality and words, a definition of the term « apartheid » that could be applied, in deception, to the effort of the people of Israel to make their sovereign state exist, against all odds, in its Historical Homeland.

This, in a context of permanent attempts for 75 years to question its physical existence and its very legitimacy, by considerable forces in the world, shamelessly employing the most despicable terrorism.

However, it is precisely at a time when the « Abraham Accords », which initiate a real normalization between the Jewish state and many neighboring Arab countries, likely to reduce the territorial conflict to manageable proportions by traditional methods of negotiation in mutual respect, that Amnesty is launching a campaign of unprecedented violence against the very legitimacy of the State of Israel.

For this treacherous campaign, Amnesty is not ashamed to appear contradictory. On the one hand, this organization claims that it « has nothing against the Jewish people, only against the State of Israel » and even goes so far as to recognize its right to independence and sovereignty. But in the same breath, it demands the « right of return » to the territory of the Jewish state, for millions of people counted, lightly, without real control, as « Palestinians ».

In other words, once invaded in this way, Israel will have ceased to exist and will have become « Palestine ». This is no less than insulting the intelligence of Jews and people of good faith.

It will be necessary to refute,  point by point, the manipulations of the so-called accusatory report to show its inanity. Let us only note at this point that he quite often lets slip his true racist and anti-Semitic nature.

In an attempt to prove its good faith, Israel has uprooted ten thousand of its citizens from their homes, farms, workshops, factories and cemeteries outside the Gaza Strip, territory legally allocated to the People of Israel by Public International Law under the Treaty of Sanremo. There is no longer a single Israeli in Gaza, except a few prisoners held incommunicado and deprived of their human rights by Hamas, which runs Gaza.

Gazans have a passage to Egypt and manage their conduct as they see fit. As a result, they turned their principality into an outpost stuffed with missiles, weapons, assault tunnels, explosive mine implants deposited along the border with Israel hidden behind fake « peaceful » demonstrations surrounded by armed terrorists.

Every few months, they carry out missile attacks on Israeli civilians, sometimes reaching nearby cities and sometimes, major Israeli urban centers, Beersheba, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. It is more than justified for Israel, which supplies food, pharmaceuticals and electricity to Gaza, to deny access to weapons and strategic products and to retaliate against attacks to stop them.

However, Amnesty in this context describes Gaza as « occupied territory ». It is difficult to go further in bad faith.

On several occasions, the so-called report casts doubt on Amnesty’s definition of Jews: in order to be able to call Israel « racist », suddenly we would cease to be a people and become a « race ». It is clear what the intellectual filiation of the editors is.

In the same way, after describing the misery of Gaza’s Palestinians, a misery that Hamas draws upon themselves, they describe an upscale neighborhood of Tel Aviv by claiming that Jews have « unlimited » resources. We can clearly see, underlying, the emergence of anti-Semitism which in reality inspires the whole process.

It only takes a little good faith to visit Israel, to meet everywhere Jews and Arabs living together, in the street, transport, hotels, restaurants, hospitals in constant interaction and most often in mutual respect. To call this reality « apartheid » is a gross lie.

If remain problems to be solved, it will be directly between us by avoiding like the plague the so-called Western « moralizers » who are in reality warmongers.

Léon Rozenbaum

Lawyer in Jerusalem

Honorary President of the Association of Immigrants of France in Israel






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