There is something indecent about the spectacle of international well-being at the induction of Joe Biden. Indeed, Trump’s accusations that massive irregularities occurred during the election were, on purpose, not seriously considered and verified. This, in an atmosphere of maximum tension, when the Democratic Party and the ruling class were determined to overthrow Trump at all costs, with the unprecedented support of a partisan media power, largely complicit.

Everyone knows the capacity of the communist municipalities around Paris to fill the ballot boxes so as never to lose a conquered city. For those who do not fully succumb to the magic of the American dream, it is also clear that there are precedents for U.S. election consultations that are questionable. Kennedy’s election, among others, was one of them, and his assassination even contributed to legitimate suspicions about his victory.

But, when it comes to Israelis, the obvious satisfaction with Trump’s ouster can be seen as simply revolting.

Indeed, no American chief executive had had the courage, in the face of the West and in the face of Islam, to put an end to the scandal of the denial of the legitimacy of the millennial bond between Jerusalem and the people of Israel.

Moreover, the « Abraham Accords », which are largely the work of Donald Trump, open for the first time in a hundred years, a real perspective of a pacified Middle East or, at least, of active Judeo-Arab cooperation, including a realistic arrangement between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs.

From the point of view of the vital interests of the State of Israel and the Jewish people, the passage to the White House of an unconventional but visionary American president will remain a major event.

In this respect, one has to recall that many believe that Jewish history is not just an appendage of universal history, but that its relative weight is much more decisive.

It is very strange that some Israeli citizens are part of the cowardly relief of an American left increasingly vindictive in its hawked demands of « political correctness ». They do not understand how suicidal this ingratitude is.

As for the American Jews so massively pro-Biden, they now sign the fact that they leave the ship of the historical and spiritual adventure of Jewish history.


Leon Rozenbaum

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