The ICC: The collapse of international law and morality

For centuries, the treatment reserved for Jews by peoples has been an indicator of the moral state of civilization. The 1930s of the twentieth century saw a brutal fall in Europe which very quickly became, from the 1940s, a moral catastrophe, the selective mass massacre of European Jews, the Shoah.
Everything happens as if today, almost a century later, a new general disruption of values and furious jealousy in the face of the re-emergence and successes of the Jewish State, in its historic homeland, once again inspired hatred and inexpiable anti-Jewishness, this time, on a global scale.
Faced with the scale of this monstrous outburst, many honest citizens of all faiths, nationalities and affiliations, and attached to moral values in the world, remain speechless.
We must understand that in this case, the hatred of Jews is not the result of chance. It is financed, directed, remotely controlled by certain States, certain organizations and certain wealthy hateful individuals. No one can invoke so-called “conspiracy” on this point, because the evidence is overwhelming.

The first key to understanding the current phenomenon is corruption, inspired by an unfathomable desire to harm. The Iran of the Ayatollahs, Qatar, Turkey, the Muslim Brotherhood, have for several years practiced systematic entry into the key institutions of the West, the Universities, the strategic industries and the media with a view to successfully exercising growing influence on decision-makers in these countries. Their penetration is facilitated, with regard to Israel, by a long Western tradition of hatred of Jews. This goes together very well and is strengthened by contact with the anti-Jewish contempt so common in Islam.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which brings together 57 states and has very significant funds, exercises considerable influence on various international institutions in particular, the UN, the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court.

Other States, simply cowardly, like millions of other “useful idiots”, in the Bolshevik sense, are content to follow and let it happen, cloaking themselves, like France, in full shame, behind the fallacious pretext of “independence of justice”.

The Prosecutor General of the International Criminal Court chose on May 20, 2024 to engage in a tragic global media farce at the expense of the State of Israel and its People.

While according to the usual procedures of this institution, a request from the prosecutor to the court itself must be made discreetly because it has no real legal significance, the latter saw fit to organize an illegal media uproar with the clear intention to cause deep and scandalous harm to the State of Israel.

He engaged in a real provocation by claiming to demand in the same breath arrest warrants against the Prime Minister of the State of Israel and his Minister of Defense and against the three leaders of the terrorist organization Hamas who explicitly ordered their troops on October 7 to engage in a particularly cruel pogrom against 1,200 Israeli citizens attacked in Israel in the early morning in their own homes. Not only did the terrorists murder at random, but they carried out scenes of rape, dismemberment, genital removal, cooking babies in the oven and the kidnapping of hundreds of men, women and children. and elderly people, of whom they keep until today, more than seven months later, at least 128 of them, in secret, without their families having had the slightest information about them, in violation of all humanitarian rules.

Daring to put on the same level the elected leaders of a democratic State who organize the self-defense of their country, and the ruffian leaders of confessed and licensed assassins is worse than a provocation. It is the very negation of the idea of justice that the Court is responsible for advancing in the world. Guaranteed to have a worldwide impact because it will be relayed by thousands of conditioned media, this act is an ignominy, the height of bad faith and denial of the law. This is propaganda as far removed from a sincere search for justice as possible.

The status of this jurisdiction is very often misunderstood. First, Israel not being a party, like the USA, to the Treaty of Rome constituting the institution, the latter has no competence to bring its main leaders before its courtroom. It is clear that this move is, in any event, an abuse of rights. Then, the jurisdiction of the court is only subsidiary, it can only be exercised in areas of the world lacking credible judicial systems. However, Israel has a sophisticated judicial system that is perfectly recognized throughout the world. Here again, the prosecutor once again shamelessly violates the statute of his own institution.

It cannot be ruled out that this maneuver is part of an ignoble « competition » with another Court of Justice, the International Court of Justice, also based in The Hague, which recently accepted, under murky conditions, to examine a proceeding brought by South Africa on behalf of Hamas attacking Israel for an alleged « attempted genocide » as part of Israel’s war of self-defense following the October 7 attack.

We understand that all this highlights a deleterious global climate of systemic anti-Semitism common to the West and Islam and which could get even worse at any time.

It seems important that everyone realizes that the Jewish people are no longer as deprived as they were 80 years ago. The Jewish state is a space power equipped with high-tech weapons. It is not healthy to push him to the limit, to continue to let him know his imminent end and the massacre of his inhabitants. He can use his strength, despite his immense patience and his aspirations for peace and harmony. Word to the wise, hello!

Leon Rozenbaum

Israeli Lawyer of French education


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