The West on the edge of the abyss

The first decisions of the New President of the USA will carry more weight than it seems. Indeed, faced with the perversions of the Western world following the generalization of postmodern ideologies in the name of which there would no longer be absolute truths for all mankind and therefore no more truth at all, no more Nations, no more History but « narratives », and no more denunciation of the evidence of the coercive character of Islamic civilization, the election of Donald Trump sounds like a salutary awakening regardless of the reservations and questions aroused by the style of his campaign.

The dramatic generalization of anti-Semitism focused on the hatred of the sovereign state of the Jews, initially to please the Arab blackmail to oil, but then integrated as evidence and reinserted into the anti-Jewish aversion of Christian civilization, became as the trademark and the clearest sign of Western decadence.

Obama’s catastrophic policy in the Middle East and elsewhere, his alliance with the « Muslim Brotherhood », his complacency with the retrograde Iran of the Ayatollahs has led to a dramatic erosion of US positions in the world.

But Donald Trump, during his unconventional campaign, had affirmed his determination not to be intimidated either by left-wing sympathy or by conquering Islam and for this purpose had not hesitated to declare that he wished to put an end to the illegal anomaly which consists in deciding in place of Israel the location of its capital, moreover, in a pathological negation of the facts.

Nothing will send a stronger signal to the rest of the world from the new American president than the immediate implementation of his electoral promise to transfer his embassy to the capital of Israel, in Jerusalem. In the present state of the world, it is giving a halt to delirium.

It is to assert, in the name of the world’s greatest power, that galloping globalization, contempt for national wills in indiscriminate institutions manipulated by lust for profit, oil interests and intimidation by violence, will cease.

This means that a new era opens where image, self-complacency, the will to deny human identities for fear of assuming differences, false narrative and rewritten history, no longer reign Masters.

In the final analysis, Humanity must make a choice: either it connects with the Revelation of Sinai and assumes that true freedom for Man can only result from the respect of certain universal moral standards from above, or pursues the path of the neo-pagan refusal with its hatred of all constraint, associated with the aversion for the Messenger, Israel, bearing the good news that the redemption and the search in fraternity are possible in the respect of the morality only.

Christianity and Islam have, each in their own way, more or less accepted this message. Their principal quarrels with Judaism, which we know can be terrifying, concern rather their denial of the birthright of Israel which even denies the right to exist under the sun otherwise than in a despicable and visible despair.

It is as if humanism, which in the 18th century allowed humanity to free itself from the tyranny of a fixed religious thought and to bring about a considerable scientific and technological development, had deteriorated in the 21st century into a libertarian obsession The so-called « post-modernism » which confuses the idea of freedom with that of arbitrariness in all areas of the life of societies. When this destructive approach goes hand in hand with Muslim extremism and the contempt of too many Christians against the people of Israel, nothing goes.

Already Donald Trump begins to procrastinate … The issue is more important for the West than for Israel, which will never drop more.




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